Íse Murphy

Please email me to enquire.

Crowd Safety Advisor

I can support you in creating safe environments at your event. My support can be particularly helpful when you need to sense check existing plans, gather evidence to secure budget for a new strategy, when Local Authorities (or other statutory bodies) want assurance of an event’s crowd safety plan or when Safety Advisory Groups need evidence to support decision making.

Mentoring & Guidance

I offer mentoring support and one to one calls if you are looking for guidance in an area of your life, career or direction. What to expect in a guidance call: I listen to what is coming up for you, we may look at your Human Design chart to support you in how your energy and natural skills work, and bring up what may be the best way forward for you through enquiry and guiding questions. You are in command in this session and I support you through gentle enquiry, reflection and guidance. Guidance calls can be one off or on a longer term basis as mentoring support.

Teaching & Speaking

From half day to full day workshops, teaching sessions and bespoke training for your event or venue, I can teach you the tools to design and deliver your crowd safety plan. I am also available as a speaker on themes including crowd safety, Zone Ex, and self empowerment and equality in the events industry and beyond.

Workshop Reviews

“Expert level of detail, great group task”

“Accessibility and practical approach to the topic”

“She was able to deliver for all to understand”

“I will be applying my learning and value the information it contained”