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COVID-19 Information
Holistic Event Transport & Crowd Safety
Holistic Event Transport & Crowd Safety

Enhance crowd experience | Streamline service


Event Transport & Crowd Safety Services


Every element of your event affects the other and this is truly tested when engaged with the dynamics of crowds.

  • Crowd Safety risk analysis
  • Event/Venue design analysis
  • Transport assessment


Support with the right tools and guidance to develop policies, risk assessments, contingency plans and other bespoke plans required for your operation.

  • Crowd Management plan analysis
  • Accreditation / Security assessment
  • Last Mile / Zone Ex and Transport assessment
  • Emergency Procedure assessment


From Safety Advisory Group to scenario workshops to test plans and integration with stakeholders. Ensure you’re ready to go and have the right approvals to do so.

  • Licensing application support
  • Safety Advisory Group meeting support
  • Guide stakeholder integration
  • Scenario workshop


Supporting you to ensure all elements are ready for event delivery. From event day briefings, dynamic risk assessments and emergency procedures.

  • Safety Officer / Event Controller
  • Dynamic risk assessment support
  • Post-event crowd safety review

Balanced Approach

Crowds are multi-dimensional and are studied by disciplines including psychology, mathematics, physics, biology, civil engineering and sociology. My approach takes the learnings from these elements to have a balanced approach to crowd safety.


Holistic crowd safety requires multi-layer connection between services, operations, internal and external stakeholders. This integration is crucial to successful delivery.

Understanding Stakeholders

My approach is uniquely placed with experience in both the local authority and organising committee. Understanding the challenges, perceptions, pressures and opportunities on both sides of the table enables us to overcome challenges efficiently.


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With over a decade of experience, my passion lies in crowd safety; combining academic research with real-world experience of major events to ensure all elements of an event connect seamlessly together to give the crowd a safe and enjoyable experience.

My approach is uniquely placed with experience in both the local authority and organising committee. I understand the challenges, perceptions, pressures and opportunities on both sides of the table.

Having worked across an array of international and national events in event operations and transport, my experience transverse cultures – planning and producing music, cultural and sport events across Europe and the Middle East.

Qualifications & Memberships

  • Member of the International Institute of Risk and Safety Management (IIRSM)
  • Member of the Institute of Place Management (IPM)
  • MSc Crowd Safety & Risk Analysis (in progress)
  • NVQ Level 4 Spectator Safety Management
  • NEBOSH National Certificate in Fire and Risk Management
  • Diploma in Crowd Science & Risk Analysis (IIRSM approved)
  • BSc Events Management

I offer complimentary one hour consultations.

Yes Please



I had the pleasure of working with Íse on quite a number of projects, here in the UK but also other regions around the world. We tend to reach out to Íse when we are looking for a fresh and different perspective. Without fail Íse is able to show a route that nobody in our team has thought of before. Coupled with her excellent precision and reliability Íse is the perfect lead for any project and ideal addition to any team.

But it is mainly her versatility that makes Íse apply her talents to any kind of project. From the academical topics we cover here at Manchester Metropolitan University, to practical solutions for any event. With the big picture in mind and never forgetting the detailed solution.We can highly recommend working with Íse. She delivers results that we haven’t found anywhere else.

Marcel Altenburg, Senior Lecturer, Crowd Science, Manchester Metropolitan University

With her unique enthusiasm and love for events, Ise brought vision, strategy and structure to the festival. Her keen eye for the crowd experience from start to finish meant integrating all our services to work together smoothly. From writing the event safety plan to all department briefings, Ise was a key element to the success of the festival.

Director, Townlands Carnival Festival

Ise has worked for me on two Major International Event Projects - London 2012 and Rugby World Cup 2015.

Ise is an energetic force who applies herself with complete commitment to her work, bringing intelligence and resolve in equal measures. She is a change agent using influence and determination to deliver.

Mick Wright, Head of Tournament Services, England 2015 Rugby World Cup

Enhance Crowd Experience
Enhance Crowd Experience

Reduce risk and increase satisfaction to the whole crowd experience, from sofa to seat.

Resource Effectively
Resource Effectively

Resource in crowd safety is costly. Manage resource effectively, using what you need only when you need it.

Maximise Re-Opening Strategies
Maximise Re-Opening Strategies

Maximise income opportunity with effective post-pandemic restarting strategies.

Improve Stakeholder Relationships
Improve Stakeholder Relationships

Delivering effective crowd safety requires agreement and alignment with many stakeholders, from private to public organisations. Overcome challenges together by improving relationships with all stakeholders.

Secure Permissions
Secure Permissions

Secure permissions and approval for your event to go ahead. Support with licensing applications and Safety Advisory Groups. Demonstrate compliance and capability to insurance providers and authorities.

Streamline Service
Streamline Service

Streamline all services and operations, internal and external, to minimise disruption and delay and offer a seamless experience


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