Using a holistic crowd safety analysis on your event site, from marketing, ticketing to entrance gates, main stage and getting home safely. Crowd safety isn’t just when your attendees arrive. Ensure your operation from couch to seat is streamlined, safe and gives your attendees an incredible experience.

Ensure the numbers add up on your event site. Calculations to ensure that your attendees can move in, around and out and away safely in normal operations and emergency situations.


Ensure that the risk to your event is holistically assessed, documented and acted upon in accordance with local legislation. Emergency plans, procedures, briefing and training tailored to your event profile, size, and environment. Support with writing licensing applications and preparing and presenting at Safety Advisory Groups.

From couch to seat, operations affect the crowd during every stage of the event. Consultations to help you ensure that event operations are seamless, from ticketing to accreditation, marcomms, security, wayfinding and customer service to catering and waste.

Assess the transport capacity of your event or venue, including impact on the local vicinity, businesses and residents. Production of transport plans according to the requirements of your client service level of all those attending your event.


From universities to conferences, taking the lessons learnt and applying them to real-world experience helps the audience to form a holistic picture of crowd safety in events and how they can apply it to their industry field.


Risk Assessing the Nature of Crowds

In March this year, I submitted an article to the third edition of The Crowd Magazine which broaches the sensitive area of risk assessments within our industry and stokes the debate with different approaches from industry experts and established academics. […]

Reflecting on a Decade of Disaster – What have we learned?

As we enter into a new decade, many of us have been reflecting on our lives from 2010 to 2019. I couldn’t help but put it in the perspective of crowd disasters, to understand if there was anything we could […]

Bar graph listing the most common threats to events which include fire at 35%, external comms at 22%, attack at 22% and disobedience at 9%. This data is taken from crowd disasters between 1988 and 2018. The image in the background is of a stage based concert with a large crowd.

The most common threats to your crowd event

What are the most common threats to a crowd event? Looking at thirty years of crowd disasters to identify what event managers need to plan for to keep their attendees safe.

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