Íse Murphy

I am safe because I am here

I am safe because I am here.

The mind distracts us so much we completely disconnect from our heart, our spirit, our inner child.

It constantly seeks outside itself for answers. When I find I am trying to figure things out, I know it is time to go inwards. I know it is an alerting that I have disconnected from myself and need to return. For if I was still connected, I wouldn’t be trying to figure anything out. I would simply know. I would be present and breathing and watching my life unfold.

I am safe because I am here.

There is nothing to be afraid of, because we are not in control. We do not have any control over this experience. We are conscious because we have purpose. We are here for something, and that may be something we never become aware of. We do not know the impact we have on others, we do not know that we may have changed another’s life. We do not know how we may have helped another sentient being, or brought love to this world through our impact on society.

To breathe is to be safe. To be here is to be safe. We do not know when we will die but we know we will die. Why fear it? Why not spend that energy on being present and enjoying this moment instead?

We can never figure things out. Our mind is not for us, it is for the other. It is a wonderful companion that allows us to engage with this world. Our mind cannot make decisions for us. It does not know anything. Only our bodies know what we need. Our bodies hold the correct timing. Our bodies know where we are going.

We do not make decisions. Our bodies make decisions and then we become aware of it milliseconds later.

If we can let go of the forcing, let go of the grind, the hustle, the brute application of our precious energy that only serves to knock everything out of balance.

Can we remember we are a part of nature, we are a part of something bigger. Can we accept we do not know? Can we drop the attitude that we are somehow in control? Can we accept the train ticket and enjoy the ride?

We are passengers. We are here to watch the movie and enjoy the show. We are here to play the role we were given with every fibre of our being. We are on stage speaking a script, and we may as well give it all we got.

The only way we can play our role correctly is to connect with our heart. It is through our heart, our spirit, our higher self, that we will flow and move in the way we were meant to.

We know when we do, as everything feels effortless and we feel larger than life. We feel at home. We feel on top of the world.

We are safe because we are here.

Can we let go of the grip of the mind and ground our energy down from the head, through the throat and into our heart.

Can we become silent and listen to our own needs, honouring ourselves over everything else.

Can we connect back into the rhythm of our heart, the rhythm of our unique song. And can we sing that song to wake up the world so they may remember theirs.

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