Íse Murphy

An intro note for Projectors

Projectors (as opposed to Generators, Manifestors and Reflectors) are the newest type, only around since 1781. We are the freaks. We are also the most conditioned, because our aura is designed to be conditioned in order to guide. Our aura penetrates and focuses into the G Centre (where the Magnetic Monopole resides) of the other. We are designed to hook into the aura of another person (Generators, basically) and identify what is needed in order to guide them. We are here to be wise about energy as we are non-sacral beings (we have an Open Sacral Centre), which means we can guide those who have a Defined Sacral Centre i.e. Generators.

It also means we have inconsistent access to energy and we are not designed to work in the traditional sense! We are better suited to short bursts of work rather than sustained long labour (which Generators can do, if it’s correct for them, as they are designed to use up their sacral energy daily before they go to sleep).

What I am learning, is this new way of guiding, which will become clear after 2027, is not how we are used to see leading/guiding as before. We guide through asking questions.

Which is why waiting for the invitation is critical. We can only penetrate and hook into someone’s aura when they give us permission to do so. Otherwise it’s invasive. Have you ever noticed how people on the street react to your energy if you look at them for a split second? Our auras do the talking. They always do.

Now, here is the very important bit. In order to be invited to guide the energy of the other, we must master something. It can be anything - an aeronautical engineer to a graphic designer to a barista to a web developer, but in order to guide, we must master whatever system of whatever subject we are naturally drawn to studying. Once we master said system, the invitations come to us to guide the energy of others working within that system.

As Projectors, we are designed to see inefficiencies in order to identify how things can be improved. “Why can’t everyone see what I see?! It’s so SIMPLE?!” because they are not Projectors. We have this gift. Yet we don’t know where to apply the gift because we see how things can be improved everywhere in our lives. Which is why the invitation is so important, so we don’t waste our efforts where they are not needed.

What you will discover, if you truly are interested in learning more, is that ultimately we have no choice. We are a Body (Design crystal - the red on the bodygraph) and a Mind (Personality crystal - the black on the bodygraph) and they operate on this earth, with the Magnetic Monopole (in our solar plexus area of our chest) keeping us on the train tracks of our trajectory. As Ra Uru Hu (the messenger of the system) used the analogy: the Body is the vehicle, the Monopole is the driver and the Personality is the passenger in the backseat.

We (being the Personality - who we think we are) are not in control. We are passengers in this life experience. Which is why Strategy & Authority will drag us out of the suffering hellhole we have created for ourselves. Follow your Strategy & Authority and you will begin living the life you were designed to live. The body knows what it is here to do and it is doing it, the mind is the one trying to grab the steering wheel and getting angry/frustrated/upset over not being in charge.

Strategy & Authority is the tool to get us out of our own way and let the body tell us when something is a yes or a no, when it is time to take action or time to do something else.

Because we have given the mind so much power for so long, when we start following S&A the mind will go apeshit, and we can find ourselves in really challenging mental spaces. Remember it’s always darkest before the dawn, and when you are going through shit, just keep going. We may find that our inner authority is telling us something that the mind doesn’t want us to carry out - such as cutting off a friend, partner, leaving a job or something of similar ilk. If we truly want to live the life we are designed to live, if we truly want to be free, we must have the courage to live our own lives.

Welcome to the first day of the rest of your life, may it be wonderful.

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