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Reflecting on a Decade of Disaster – What have we learned?

As we enter into a new decade, many of us have been reflecting on our lives from 2010 to 2019. I couldn’t help but put it in the perspective of crowd disasters, to understand if there was anything we could […]

Bar graph listing the most common threats to events which include fire at 35%, external comms at 22%, attack at 22% and disobedience at 9%. This data is taken from crowd disasters between 1988 and 2018. The image in the background is of a stage based concert with a large crowd.

The most common threats to your crowd event

What are the most common threats to a crowd event? Looking at thirty years of crowd disasters to identify what event managers need to plan for to keep their attendees safe.

Briefing staff before egress from Elland Road stadium in Leeds at the Rugby World Cup 2015

Setting expectations: How to keep your queuing crowd happy.

Keeping your queuing crowd informed is crucial to them enjoying your event and keeping them safe.

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Planning an event and need to get everyone in, around and away safely? If this is the first event or a recurring one, observing processes and operations, I can help you develop a strategy to find solutions, increase output efficiency. I can support you in strategy development, right through to licensing and delivery, depending on what level of support you require.


Are you comfortable that your event plan is ready to go? That you have plans to get everyone in, around your event, and out safely, in normal or emergency situations? Reviewing plans and procedures, I can make recommendations on safety, crowd management, and operations of your event.


Looking for support the whole way through or just need help on the day? Taking on an element of the planning and implementation of your event, or assisting in the implementation of change, I can support your team and help you streamline event operations.

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