A little rain never hurt anyone, right?

Well it certainly did not dampen the spirit of eager attendees. With the last minute touches applied to site, gates to Ireland’s newest and best music & arts festival opened at midday. Revellers from far and wide filed into the car parks at Leades House grounds in Macroom, Cork. Excitement index shot up on Thursday before the event causing the website to crash temporarily trying to deal with the influx volume of ticket purchasing traffic.

The Sibin Stage was first to kick off with local lads, Foreign Bodies opening the show. Crowds came in and enjoyed the magical outdoor living room, chilling on couches and benches with many others dancing to the music.

Sibin Stage

As the sunset, the real show began. This is when the Main Arena really lights up and shows what it’s made of. The building facades are impressive as they are, but they came alive in the dark of night with incredible video projection mapping tailored to each ‘building’ and tower. It is a visual spectacle and hard to capture on camera – best appreciated live!

Main Arena. Townlands Carnival 2016.

The atmosphere can only be described as one big street party. Like your regatta or village festival, it maintains the local community feel which allows revellers to relax and make conversation. There’s plenty of choice for tipple – from the Jose Querva Tequila Bar to Minus, a fantastic cocktail bar by the lads of the same name in Cork City. Minus hosted Gay Aerobics and Bloody Marys on Saturday morning to help get everyone up and moving again.

Paddy Dennehy & The Redherring. One to watch!

For a festival in its second year, one can only be impressed by the quality level of production and design that has gone in to it. It is clear that the organisers have put all their effort into creating a fresh new festival unlike any other, and it’s inspirational to see an independent festival thrive through the clouds of established corporate festival organisers.




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