Crowd Counting: Eagles Super Bowl Victory Parade 2018

Crowd Counting: Eagles Super Bowl Victory Parade 2018


Eagles Super Bowl Victory Parade 2018

My Role:

As a first year student studying MSc Crowd Safety & Risk Analysis at Manchester Metropolitan University, alongside our core units, we are given real world projects to work on as part of our learning. I was part of a team of seven students, based across six different countries, live counting the victory parade for the Eagles Super Bowl win on the 8th February 2018.

The Challenge:

This was a first Super Bowl win for the Eagles and predictions of attendance for this special event were between 2 and 3 million. We were asked to find out how true this number was.

What We Did:

The parade began at 11am (4pm GMT) down Broad Street, Philadelphia to culminate in a ceremony at 1pm (6pm GMT) on the (famous Rocky movie) steps at the Museum of Art. We split the route and ceremony into three sections. I took the last section from Logan Square up to the Museum of Art. Watching up to five live streams of video, looking out for good aerial shots, measuring crowd density, understanding the crowd dynamic of each area including relativity to infrastructure to capture data and start counting.

Once reports were produced by all teams, Marcel Altenburg (Enterprise Delivery Fellow for MMU) coordinated the final report, supported by Prof. Keith Still (course lecturer). As this was done live, the project was time sensitive to capture essential images and information in order to crunch numbers and produce our results.

So, how many people did attend the momentous Super Bowl victory parade?