The Event: Arthur’s Day was an annual series of music events worldwide, originally organised by Diageo in 2009 to promote the 250th anniversary of its Guinness brewing company. I worked on this event in both 2012 and 2013.

EQ Events looked after the technical production for every venue in the country, one of them being Rearden’s Bar in Cork, where I was based. Rearden’s played host to Janelle Monáe, Kodaline and Daley.

My Role: Production Manager for EQ Events

The Challenge:

  • Finite amount of time to load in to Rearden’s
  • Space! Small pub with a capacity of 600 people to take into account
    • A 6x4m stage
    • Technical production to take into account Daley, Kodaline and Janelle Monáe’s band (7 members)
    • Mojo barriers around the front as the artist profile were well known
  • 2fm were present with OBS (outside broadcast) which infringed on valuable space

What we did:

We loaded in at 3am on Thursday morning and finished up (early) at midnight Thursday night. The event was a success. I believe it was because we used the most experienced and quality sound and lighting engineers, stage and barrier supplier. The bar management, client and other stakeholders were cooperative and worked together to ensure all went well.

Arthur’s Day is always fun, as the concept – headline performers playing in small venues – makes the event special and exciting. Spectators purchase a ticket for the venue but don’t find out who’s playing until that day. The atmosphere was electrifying, especially when Janelle Monáe hit the stage.

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