Almost there!

I began this course with Watson Associates in possibly the coolest location for a training course – Silverstone circuit – in September 2016. It has been almost two years of work to achieve this qualification and i’m delighted to share that I recently passed my second, and final, assessment.

On Thursday 19th July 2018, my assessor flew over to Ireland to observe my role as Safety Officer (or Event Controller in Ireland) on Townlands Carnival 2018 in Macroom, Co. Cork. This is a music and arts festival in its fourth year, with 4,000 attendees and over 900 staff and performers on site. The shift was 9am – 9pm on Friday 20th July, when we opened gates, campsites and arenas to attendees, in a brand new site. Safe to say it was the best shift opportunity to witness how I dealt with issues, of which there were no shortage of.

We all know teething issues when opening a festival or event site on day one – when it can go wrong, it does go wrong. The risk regulation for this known situation is to place a strong team with common sense and experience to calmly respond to and rectify issues. These qualities are still rare within this young events industry. The reason I continue to work with Townlands Carnival year on year is for this fact of an outstanding team of talented event professionals who work together like clockwork.

On site, challenges were dealt with proactively and all attendees made it safe and sound to our campsite to begin festivities. I passed my assessment and am now on track to receive my qualification subject to internal and external verification.

This is an evidence based qualification for anyone interested in developing their career in event safety. The qualification allows you to be a Safety Officer in stadiums, festivals and major events in the UK and around the world. It is an internationally recognised standard.

I look forward to qualifying as a Safety Officer, and even more so, achieving it before I turn 30. 

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