Event Management has time and time again been listed as one of the top 5 most stressful job positions in the world. It’s no surprise, from personal experience, as I love what I do but often reach a point where I feel as if i’m going to burn out. In 2016 I tried meditation and couldn’t believe the benefits.

Within weeks I noticed the benefits in both my work and personal life. I noticed that when I meditate;

  • respond to stressful or emotional situations more calmly (working in events – this is a common occurrence).
  • I enjoy a full night of uninterrupted sleep.
  • I feel relaxed and content.
  • I am able to deal with more difficult situations.
  • I am more understanding of others, their perception and situations, in order to help them.
  • I am able to respond to issues that arise with a clearer and more focused mind.
  • I focus on the positives and opportunities in every situation.

This chap here was the one who started me on the right track. I love this guy, he’s to the point, clear and very funny. He simplifies meditation so anyone can understand it and, more importantly, incorporate it into their lives.

His name is Yongey Mingyur Rinpoche. He is the author of The Joy of Living, Joyful Wisdom and Turning Confusion into Clarity. I’ve read the first two books. His collaboration with scientists proves how meditation positively impacts the brain and body.

I am more efficient in my work and with my time. I am more respectful of others and positive in my approach to challenges that arise. These changes not only benefit me, but the colleagues I work with and contributes to the success of organisation. Win Win!

“You should sit in meditation for twenty minutes every day — unless you’re too busy. Then you should sit for an hour.” –  Zen proverb

I noticed the difference more when I didn’t meditate. When work ramped up close to an event, the first thing that went out the window was my self care. Ironically it should be the last thing. How are we supposed to deal with pressurised situations if we’re not well ourselves? How can a car run without fuel? So now I try even harder to ensure I get this recharging space. I only ever do around 15 min a day (mostly in the morning) and it makes all the difference.

This website is a good introduction to meditation. I’ve also heard great reviews about Headspace. I use Insight Timer to track meditation and it includes guided meditation practices as well.

Some well known successful folk who meditate include Arianna Huffington (of Huffington Post), Bill Ford (Ford Chairman), Oprah Winfrey, Hugh Jackman, Paul McCartney, Leonard Cohen and Jennifer Aniston.


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