Our world has changed. Events hold crowded spaces at the heart of their existence, from a physical and psychological point of view. People love being together, and now we want to bring them back together, safely.

Our challenge now is to take new scientific learnings and physical restrictions to develop and implement strategies to restart our industry, keeping our crowds safe, and happy together.


Every element of your event affects the other and this is truly tested when engaged with the dynamics of crowds.

  • Crowd Safety risk analysis
  • Event/Venue design analysis
  • Transport assessment


Support with the right tools and guidance to develop policies, risk assessments, contingency plans and other bespoke plans required for your operation.

  • Crowd Management plan analysis
  • Accreditation / Security assessment
  • Last Mile / Zone Ex and Transport assessment
  • Emergency Procedure assessment


From Safety Advisory Group to scenario workshops to test plans and integration with stakeholders. Ensure you’re ready to go and have the right approvals to do so.

  • Licensing application support
  • Safety Advisory Group meeting support
  • Guide stakeholder integration
  • Scenario workshop


Supporting you to ensure all elements are ready for event delivery. From event day briefings, dynamic risk assessments and emergency procedures.

  • Safety Officer / Event Controller
  • Dynamic risk assessment support
  • Post-event crowd safety review