If COVID-19 has impacted the way you run your venue and you are looking to develop a safe re-opening or restarting strategy, information on this page can help.


Here’s a blog post where I discuss safe re-opening strategies and often the best strategies are the most cost effective.

The Event Safety Alliance in the USA published a comprehensive free re-opening guide for venues.

If you are responsible for running a venue or place where crowds congregate, then I highly recommend taking this course in COVID-19 Place Management.

The virus transmits from person to person and from surface (fomite) to person. The closer we are to the person/surface and the longer we spend, the higher the risk. So for every space in your event/venue consider the density of your crowd, the duration of time they spend and any fomites they may be touching (door handles, bathroom sinks, toilets, touchscreen monitors, tables, chairs, books, products).

I can help

If you need assistance, have questions or want a full assessment of your venue/event, please contact me for a free one hour consultation. No matter what your challenge is; maximising income and capacity, ensuring safety of staff and attendees on site, or figuring out new ways of working within your space.

To ensure my training is up to date, I am a member of the Institute of Place Management and have recently completed their COVID-19 course designed by Crowd Science expert Prof. Keith Still. There is currently no other certified course (that I am aware of) to assist those responsible for crowd safety in a pandemic world.