Recently I got the job I have always wanted.

I graduated last year without having a clue what todo. Granted, The Olympics managed to distract me for a few months but when I came home afterwards, and down from the Games Buzz…I realised I didn’t know what I wanted to do full time, permanently…forever and always.

So…back from the job of my life…trying to find a job for my life. I managed to secure a role working in a hotel for a few months, but instantly I knew it wasn’t for me. As I began exploring life as a full time employee working in an office, I realised that we, as a human race, are insane. Humans aren’t meant to stay in one place for long periods of time hunched over a computer – it’s bad for mental health, for our eyes, for our backs, for our weight, for, just everything.

With this complete unrest, I sought change – for as we all know, we don’t change what doesn’t hurt us.

What surprised me was that many of the people I spoke to told me that ‘This is the way it is’, ‘You go to work and pray for 5pm’, ‘A job is just to get the money in’

Oh…was I fantasising? Was I meant to settle for something I might like, only sometimes? Did this job I completely loved exist only in my mind?

For around almost a year I searched and trudged through job applications, interviews, rejections, ignored communications until finally, one day, what seemed to be the right timing, I got the attention of a company I wanted to work for. With a little bit (a lot) of persistence, hard work and some balls (and the luck of being offered another job), I got the one I wanted.

These guys, well, We – are an event company based in Dublin. Within my first week I was in the Irish Georgian Society building, out on Lough Dan in Wicklow, Marley Park and many more places. Yes I was out of the office and on site! There is always office work in planning events, but the balance of office/site makes me happy.

Last weekend I was working an event in Kilkenny. I was there for about five days including the build, event and load out. On the last day we were removing the marquee and stage – it was lashing rain, windy, freezing cold. I was wearing jeans, walking boots and a raincoat (my regular uniform)

It was the moment when I stood in the middle of the marquee as the stage was being removed when I thought

‘I love my job’

I bloody love my job. Yes I may be cold, tired and wet, but i’m having fun. I’m working with some fantastic characters and always meeting new people. I love the thrill of running the event. I love managing the creation of it and making sure that when we leave, it was if we were never there.

I wanted to share this as I have spoken to friends and colleagues of my experience over the last year and how it’s so important to me to have a job I love, as to me, it is my life. Many friends don’t enjoy their job, or they like it, but want to move to another area.

What I want to say is that if you want it – go for it. And keep going. It will be hard, but it will be worth it. The point where you’re in the pits of darkness and feel like you’re going nowhere – that’s when you’re going somewhere. Remind yourself of that, even though you won’t believe it when it’s happening, just keep going.

Keep Going. Don’t give up.

Me in that very marquee – clearly loving my job!


  1. Dermot

    I can relate. I work part time with my very small film company i started with a friend in 2012. I was coming home one night (office job in the morning awaiting me like a horrible aunt) and thought, I’m so tired I can barely carry my tripod, my back was sore from stooping, but I looked up at the hazy dublin sky and thought – if I stay small, If my wee company becomes nothing, I need to take a step soon and live the dream I had for 15 years. Money isn’t everything, once you have food and few quid to have some drinks and smoke, life meaning for me is two things Impulse and asking why all the time. I need to put them together and get OUT soon :). Loved your post, so true.

    1. Padraig Murphy

      Like the little plant pushing through the concrete, it gives me confidence that the life force in us comes through as demonstrated by what you wrote. The will to be in that little plant is more powerful than the concrete and watching you grow has demonstrated that many times.

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