The following post was written in October 2013 and never published, until today. 24 year old me has a good point, so current me thought I would share it.



This year (and last year, and its first year) I worked on Arthur’s Day.

I was inspired to write this note as I noticed that this year the event suffered huge backlash from the media, government bodies and even Mr. Moore.

My initial question is…why now? This show has been going for five years. What has happened this year that got everyone’s backs up?

My main point – and this can be applied to every situation that ever happened – every story has many sides, every situation has different perspectives. There is no such thing as black and white i’m afraid, as we are human!

Consider these perspectives of Arthur’s Day:

First of all, I had an incredible experience. I was Production Manager for Reardens in Cork this year (Venue Manager for Sober Lane and Production Assistant in Vicar St previously), met some fantastic people, worked with a really good crew, worked really hard to ensure everything ran smoothly and had all around good craic. I even had a boogie with Janelle’s entourage.

Not only that, but Diageo/Guinness brought you, the people of Ireland, Janelle Monae – in a pub in Cork city. They brought Emile Sande to a bar in Dublin. Last year, the Old Oak in Cork had Fatboy Slim.

I can go on, but I think you can see my point. Without ‘The Evil Ones’ or however they are portrayed  – we would not have been given huge acts in tiny venues. This is special and incredibly rare. Think about the experiences that all these ticket holders received, being arms length away from their idol and rocking out in an intimate venue. Think about how spectators, who possibly could not afford to see an act in an arena show, or travel great lengths to see A-List artists – could enjoy a live performance in their local bar for a mediocre price?

Also consider how we, collectively as a country, are trying to pull ourselves out of an economic recession – try and guess how much revenue Arthur’s Day generated for local pubs and venues across the cities and towns of Ireland.

Yes there are other negative sides to this story – but that’s not my aim here.

My point here is to show you that where there is a negative, there is a positive, always. Every negative situation has a positive side to it and if you can see that – then you’re flying.

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